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Carrollton’s Hacienda Grande Closer to a Grand Opening

Photo by Bren Williamson

In recent years Carrollton’s Maple Street has been dotted with small, yet unique restaurants and shoppes – however, it’s about to become even more so. Enter Hacienda Grande located at 1210 Maple Street, across the street from Pollard’s Restaurant. Hacienda Grande will feature region-specific dishes from across Mexico that will delight Carrollton locals.

Formerly the location of The Border, this new restaurant will offer dishes common to Guanajuato and Veracruz, Mexico, both located on the Gulf. The area is heavily influenced by indigenous and Spanish cultures, making a delicious combination of flavors and textures. The Vargas family, although from various states in Mexico, love the idea of collaborating with family members in creating to-die-for dishes.

“It starts with our culture,” Alejandro Vargas shares. “Our culture leads straight to our kitchen where our guys are more than prepared to cook something in their home and present it to the community. Many cooks in restaurants, unlike us, never really know how to make things from scratch. Our restaurant’s a little piece of home.”

Hacienda Grande posts updates on their progress in renovating the restaurant on their Facebook and Instagram pages. A soft opening will take place on Wednesday, Feb 28, and a grand opening on Sunday, March 3.

Interested in joining the team? Head over to their Facebook page or email an inquiry to [email protected] for more details.

“That’s our main focus – we grew up in this area, and we are here to contribute to the community!” the Vargas family says.