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Jill Pierce Named Chairwoman of Power of the Purse for 2024 

The Community Foundation of West Georgia is proud to announce the  appointment of Jill Pierce as the new Chairwoman of Power of the Purse (POP) for the  year 2024. Jill, a dedicated member and long-time supporter of POP’s mission, will lead  the Women’s Giving Circle into a new chapter of growth and community impact. 

Jill Pierce has been an active member of the Power of the Purse for several years. Her  leadership comes at a crucial time as POP seeks to expand its reach and enhance its  contributions to women’s and children’s initiatives in Carroll, Haralson, and Heard  Counties. 

Jill is a local business owner and an active Carroll County citizen. In addition to her duties  as owner of both Jull Pierce Insurance and Jill’s Garden, she finds time to serve as a member of The Rotary Club of Carrollton and currently serves on the Young Life board  and the Circles of West Georgia board. She is also involved with the Woman’s Business  Alliance and Workforce Development/Industrial Relations council. Jill has demonstrated  a steadfast commitment to making a difference in the West Georgia community. Her  visionary approach and dedication to fostering collaboration make her the ideal leader  for Power of the Purse. 

Under Jill’s leadership, Power of the Purse is set to introduce innovative strategies aimed  at increasing membership and maximizing the impact of its grants. Our strategic vision  focuses on engaging more members of the community, fostering deeper connections  with local organizations, and ensuring that every dollar raised is effectively used to  empower and support the lives of women and children in need. 

“I am deeply honored to serve as Chairwoman of Power of the Purse.” said Jill. “This  organization has a profound impact on our community, and I am committed to  advancing our mission. Together, with the support of our members and partners, we will  continue to make significant strides in supporting vital programs that uplift women and  children. I am excited about what we will accomplish together.” 

For more information about Power of the Purse and to learn how you can support its  mission, please visit www.cfwg.net/powerofthepurse or contact Cindy Sanders,  [email protected]