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Where Comics and Clippers Collide 

A comic specialist and a barber have teamed up to bring Newnan, a combination indie comic-book shop and barbershop, Cuts & Comics. The shop opened January sixth with an aim to offer good convos, cuts, and creative comics. 

A publisher and writer himself, Sean Mack, founder of Cuts & Comics, had his first experience with a comic book in a barbershop. “It kind of put something in his heart…and he just so happened to marry a barber,” says his wife Ragan who has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years, specializing in haircutting.

Sean and Ragan felt that there was something missing in the indie comic store offerings. “You know, you go into a lot of comic book stores now, and there are a lot of recluses. They don’t talk a lot….” said Sean. While on the other hand, “…in barbershops, people talk…. It’s a lot of conversation.”

This discovery led them to blend the two concepts together to create the welcoming space that is Cuts & Comics. “We wanted everybody to feel invited,” says Ragan. “We have good conversations with customers, we talk to everybody – just make ‘em feel like it’s a good vibe to be in,” continues Sean.

The shop’s inventory includes a large collection of indie comics with a sprinkle of mainstream favorites like Marvel. Customers can even find local artists’ comic work — like Tuskegee Airs written by Greg Burnham and illustrated by Marcus Williams. 

Beyond retail, the couple are interested in nurturing local talent and fostering a love of comics for the next generation. “Not only are we big supporters of indie comics, we are big supporters of young readers,” Ragan adds. The two plan to launch programs for kids, young adults, and aspiring creators. The programs will aim to teach comic book creation, aspects of publishing, and even crowdfunding, as Sean has launched and funded over 25 crowdfunding campaigns and published over 100 books. 

The couple extend a warm invitation to the Newnan community as they say, “Come on by!”

With loyalty programs and special offers in place — currently first time customers get a $10 haircut. Those that pay the regular pricing and returning customers will receive a complimentary comic book — Cuts & Comics endeavors to be a sanctum for those looking for a good cut and a good comic.  

Visit them at 702 US-29, Newnan, Georgia 30263 or keep up to date on Facebook and Instagram

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