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Bremen Now the Site of Latest Key Farms Meats & Mercantile 

Locally raised and processed beef, chicken and lamb will soon be available at the newest location of Key Farms Meats & Mercantile. In the wake of their success at their Carrollton location on Maple Street, Dr. Allison Key has been waiting for the perfect time to establish her business closer to her Bremen customers.

“We wanted to have a Bremen location and waited for God to open the doors,” Key speaks for her and her husband, David. “The business is growing slightly faster than anticipated, but that’s a good problem to have!”

This Bremen location will be opening on April 20th at 125 Buchanan Street, where White Hummingbird was previously located. They will be offering fresh-picked strawberries and displaying tulips from their farm. Follow their Facebook page for more details!

It was only two years ago that Key opened the mercantile’s doors in Carrollton, so naturally we are curious as to the source of the business’ popularity. Key’s top best seller? Her very own Key Farms beef, which often sells out rapidly once the store shelves are stocked. All the beef comes from their very own family farm!

However, Key Farms also makes a point of supporting other local farms by selling their products as well. In fact, Key estimates that she sells products from at least ten other local and regional farms. Before any meat is labeled for sale, Key and her crew screen the source to make sure the cows were raised in a humane and sustainable way. The same screening applies for chicken, and to the most recent addition of lamb.

“[Lately] we have been processing lamb, and it’s been a hit!” Key exclaims.

On top of fresh, local meats, Key Farms Meats & Mercantile will be selling Pounds Pickles, Udderly Cool cheeses, local eggs, and some unique sauces and jam. All of the best-selling items will make their appearance at the store’s Bremen location.

Not in Bremen? Swing by the Key Farms Meats & Mercantile tent at Carrollton’s Mayfest on May 4th. They will have their non-refrigerated items for sale as well as special meat packages for purchase. You can also visit their website to make delivery or pickup orders. For now, the delivery charge is per mile, so don’t worry if you feel like you’re too far away!

Key stresses that knowing where your food comes from is vital to everyone’s health. The saying that “You are what you eat” – well, it’s true. Key believes that if you eat less processed foods, especially less processed meats, you intake better nutrition, especially omega-3 fatty acids. She has read numerous studies and science program reports that indicate practicing regenerative farming, also known as Conservative Agriculture, produces noticeably denser levels of micronutrients in plant foods and meats with healthier fatty acid profiles. You can read this study conducted by David R. Montgomery, with the University of Washington for further information.

Key shares that her background as a family-medicine doctor helps fuel her mission to serve the west Georgia and east Alabama communities. No matter which professional hat she wears, she makes it a point to give her community the very best.

Visit Key Farms on 422 Tarpley Avenue in Bowdon for their annual strawberry picking season, visit their website for some cute merchandise, or swing by their latest mercantile shop in Bremen on Buchanan Street on April 20th to see what they have in store!

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