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Local Author Skip Johnson’s Latest Book Debuts

Award-winning local author Skip Johnson’s newest book is LIVE on Amazon today. The Innkeeper’s Journal is his tenth book, and it’s set on beautiful Saint Simons Island. Early reviewers say it may be one of the inspirational fiction writer’s best stories yet.

“I’m excited to see this book already so well-received,” Johnson said. “I was born at St. Simons, and I still love to visit the area often. It was great fun going back and spending time at some of my favorite places there while I did the research for the story.” 

The Innkeeper’s Journal is the story of an affluent, entitled young couple from Boston who, despite seemingly having all the material things in life, find themselves headed toward a bitter divorce. They decide to take a road trip to one of their former favorite spots in Florida as a final attempt to salvage their marriage.

However, according to Skip, there’s an unexpected change in the couple’s plans….

“They end up detouring to a small, enchanting coastal Georgia inn along the way, and it turns out the innkeeper is the owner of an inherited journal of mystical wisdom called The Four Truths.  According to the host, its lessons are exactly what the couple needs to miraculously fix their marital woes— but implementing those principles will involve deep personal changes to their privileged way of life, which the Bostonians may not be willing to make.

“The desperate couple is forced to make a choice: Should they travel on and risk missing out on a ‘miracle’ from this mystical innkeeper—or stay and hope his sharing of these sacred tenets can bring them real happiness and a renewed love for each other?”

Full of twists and turns in the spectacular Golden Isles, The Innkeeper’s Journal is an uplifting, touching journey to self-discovery that will have you feeling empowered, encouraged, and grateful for what you’ll discover along the way….You can read a summary or purchase The Innkeeper’s Journal and all of Skip’s inspirational books at www.skipjohnsonauthor.com. To purchase directly on Amazon click here.