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Temple Elementary School earns National STEM Certification

Temple Elementary School has joined just 2 percent of schools in the country by earning its STEM certification from the National Institute for STEM Education. Seventeen campuses of Carroll County Schools hold the certification.
Temple Elementary School has been named a National STEM Certified Campus by the National Institute for STEM Education making a total of 17 Carroll County Schools campuses with the distinction. 

NISE-certified STEM campuses have implemented 21st-century learning and strategies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that transform school culture and maximize student achievement. Only 2 percent of schools in the nation are nationally STEM certified.

NISE offers STEM Teaching Certification and supports educators in their efforts to create STEM-based instruction. Five TES teachers earned individual STEM certification: Missy Calas, Taylor Hunnicutt, Xaviera Kight, Katie Watson and Hollie Williams. Upon completion of the required 38 indicators, participants are better equipped to not only academically challenge students but also prepare them for college and career readiness. Instructional Coach Brady Cook led the team through this process.

“STEM has been a priority for us in Carroll County since 2018,” Carroll County Schools Superintendent Scott Cowart said. “We emphasize future-focused thinking and skills at all of our schools, because we know STEM concepts are a great way to teach students to be goal oriented and have a growth mindset. STEM practices are a strong foundation to create lifelong learners.”

TES is one of three Carroll County Schools campuses earning its NISE certification this week. 

Evolving from STEM professional development and curriculum created at Rice University, the National Institute for STEM Education certification process integrates the most recent research and best practices in STEM, 21st-century learning, and professional development. By using a self-paced, mentor-led approach, NISE certifies teachers, campuses, and districts in STEM teaching.

“The investment in STEM education goes far beyond imparting knowledge to our students,” TES Principal Courtney Rogers said. “STEM education is a growth mindset that instills collaboration and grit to spark a passion for a future career and success in our ever changing, highly technological society. STEM education nurtures critical thinking skills, enhances scientific literacy, and cultivates the next generation of trailblazers and problem solvers.”

TES is also district STEM certified, under a process only a handful of school systems in Georgia utilize. 

“We are excited to continue our commitment to being a champion of future focused mindsets and opportunities through STEM focused learning and innovation for our students,” Rogers said. “We are extremely proud of our five teachers who embraced the challenge of seeking the rigorous NISE STEM Teaching Certification. These five amazing educators demonstrated a clear sense of purpose, challenged themselves to step outside of their comfort zones, and consistently inspire innovation through their voice and actions to be a positive catalyst for change in educating our students.”

Carroll County Schools is a leader in STEM education. All campuses are STEM certified schools by the district and 17 schools are nationally STEM certified by NISE. Carroll County School System is one of only three districts in Georgia to have a District STEM certification process and the only system in the state with a STEAM certification process.