Out of Disorder

26oct01decOut of Disorder

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Curtis Bartone’s paintings, drawings, lithographs, and woodcuts address the uneasy and often complex relationship between human beings and what we call the “natural” world. The work examines the human need to not only classify and control–often out of fear and uncertainty–but to intervene and claim a place in the fabric of the landscape. Through the process of developing collages and sketches, and by further developing the composition on the print matrix, preconceptions about what “belongs” and what doesn’t are re-examined. Contrasting and disparate elements mix and mingle, melding into a single moment. Similarities and connections begin to emerge where none existed before. The division between native and invasive, wild and domestic and even beautiful and ugly, becomes less clear, as does our role in this web of life.

October 26 – December 1



October 26, 2023 7:00 pm - December 1, 2023 8:00 pm(GMT-04:00)