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Downtown LaGrange Skate Plaza Design Finalized

Press Release from Leigh Treadgill

LaGrange, Ga. January 26, 2018 – The final design of the proposed downtown LaGrange Skate Plaza is completed. After two public and several virtual meetings with members of the skateboard community the design of the skate plaza now incorporates all the desired elements.

Former professional skateboarder and Stantec design consultant Kanten Russell is now helping to create construction plans. “This is a great project,” the 13 year skateboarding vet said. “Everyone is so supportive and everyone was very collaborative.”

The City of LaGrange plans to build a public plaza-style skate park at the south end of downtown, on a portion of city-owned property near the Bull and Main Street intersection. The skate park will provide a safe, designated place for wheeled-sport enthusiasts (skateboarders, BMX bike riders, inline skaters, scooter riders, etc.) to develop their skills and enjoy the company of their peers.

The skate park will be state-of-the-art, based on the latest skate park design principles and constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. It will feature a mix of street and transition-style terrain, with elements designed for all age groups and ability levels.

“It has been so exciting to work with the local skateboarding community to design an amenity that will meet their needs and provide a safe space for skateboarding,” said City of LaGrange Senior Planner Leigh Threadgill.

“Kanten Russell has done a terrific job integrating the needs of the skateboarders in an attractive design in harmony with the downtown character and flexible enough to accommodate multiple user groups.”

Construction is set to begin in the coming months.

The Downtown LaGrange Skate Plaza is set to open in Fall 2018.

Media Contact: Leigh Threadgill, City of LaGrange Senior Planner, [email protected] or (706) 883-2088

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