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Bremen Walmart Undergoes Renovation

A fresh coat of paint, shifted aisles and shelves, and a few other renovations are underway at the Bremen Walmart. The store located at 404 Highway 27 North is undergoing a facelift and reorganization. 

Similar to the Carrollton renovation that was recently completed which we reported on in December, the exterior is being repainted and re-signed. On the interior various flooring improvements are being made. Several areas of the store are being reorganized to provide a better shopping experience. The restrooms are expected to be completely renovated and signage will be updated throughout the store.

While most products will stay in the same general area, some will be moved slightly. While the store map on the Walmart app will be down during the renovation; once renovation is completed, customers are encouraged to download the app and match it with the newly improved aisle numbers to locate their products faster.

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