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Loyalty Patch Pledges Allegiance to Its Original Location

Brian and Mary Weaver return to their roots this month as they leave their downtown Newnan storefront for something familiar: their garage. As a side hustle, Loyalty Patch emerged and thrived out of their home for two years before unfortunately being decimated by Newnan’s March 2021 tornado. And despite the apparent setback, their storefront brought in renewed interest and additional customers.

During the storefront period, the Weavers helped raise money via fundraisers for tornado relief for the community, even though they were affected as well. Brian Weaver shares that each month, Loyalty Patch donated some patch profits to local tornado relief efforts. As Newnan healed, though, they reminded themselves of where Loyalty Patch’s magic began.

After settling their business details with the city, the couple reserved warehouse space for their expanded inventory and began bringing the store’s patches, hats, and other accessories back home to their newly renovated garage.

“I want to make sure the in-person customers we made during our storefront years to know that we’re still here for them!” Brian Weaver exclaims.

Customers can order online using Loyalty Patch’s smooth ordering process, and you don’t have to only order for yourself. Weaver shares that some colleges, Greek Life groups, high schools, and even restaurants have ordered custom patches in the past, and that he and his wife are still serving larger groups.

Loyalty Patch also features monthly artist partnerships. Weaver advises any interested artist can reach out via their contact page to make partnership requests.

Visit Loyalty Patch’s website today! They will be adding new products, such as a kid-sized hat and bucket hats. You can also follow them on their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to view all the new items they’ll debut soon!

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