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Timeless, Planned Community Starting Construction in Villa Rica

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2024)

Mike Embry of Embry Development Company shared with us last week that over two hundred acres of land off GA 61 in Villa Rica will be turned into a mixed-use development. The project will be located just north of the Goldworth Farm Park, and the community will be named Avemore.

The project’s scope encompasses more than just another neighborhood with a shopping strip. Embry and his team shared that their project plans include townhomes, single family homes, a senior living and assisted living community, a fitness center, chapel, and amphitheater – all showcasing a classic, timeless architectural style that is sure to transcend fleeting trends.

Embry Development will start clearing land in February of this year. However, a farmhouse on the property built in the late 1800s will receive restorative care and a five-acre buffer surrounding it. Embry believes that restoring it will enrich the community’s connection to the greater Villa Rica area. Additionally, the site plans reveal much of the acreage will remain wooded, giving the future community a well-established look and feel. The streams crisscrossing the property will gently guide lines of sight to various communal structures within the neighborhood.

Avemore will be a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood equipped with shared public areas like grassy lawns and trails within the property as well as ones that lead to Gold Nugget Trails.  The specific grocery store and restaurants to be placed there are still in the works, but Embry hints that of the eighty-thousand square feet of commercial retail space within the community, there will be a steakhouse.

“This project has been approved now for about three years,” Embry shares. “I’m excited to share this project!”

To watch the progress click here. Keep watching The City Menus for more details to come!