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Learn About Chiropractic Services at Integrative Body Health

(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)


With so many different chiropractic offices in the West Georgia area, it is really easy to assume that we all do the same. We have multiple calls per day from people asking if they can just come into our office and “have their neck or back cracked.” Although a chiropractic adjustments may seem so simple there is so much more involved than just the sound of gas being released in a joint (the crack). Today’s standard of chiropractic care has changed and evolved. It is more scientific and evidence based thanks to a chiropractic group called CBP (chiropractic biophysics) CBP and Dr. Deed Harrison (the son of the founding father, Dr. Don Harrison) on its own has produced more than 160 peer reviews research on various spinal conditions and remodeling procedures. Our office is proud to bring this unique approach to the Carrollton area. “We have certain procedures and protocols we follow with each new patient, ensuring we do not miss anything. X-rays are a vital tool in our practice and where we can gain the most information regarding injury, scoliosis, or even a leg length discrepancy. We tend to see patients who have lost all hope or have fairly severe spinal conditions. It is amazing how comprehensive CBP protocols are. CBP addresses spine/nerve alignment, ligaments, and muscles”, states Dr. Clyde Navarro. If you are looking for answers that no one else is able to provide, this may just be your place. Consultations with Dr. Gwyn or Dr. Clyde are always complimentary.
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