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Transform Your Beard and Business with ACS Executives

ACS Executives brings over 25 years of experience in business consulting to help maximize the potential of local businesses. Owner Curphy Smith is passionate about helping others succeed and achieve their goals. “I started business consulting because I spent a majority of my career in Banking as a Commercial Banker and witnessed so many small to medium sized businesses struggle with all the aspects of running a business,” said Smith. “The owners had to wear many hats, and they just were not great at it.” 

In addition to his business, Smith has also launched a business-themed podcast covering a variety of topics and an extensive collection of diverse guests. “My beard has become part of my brand, so when I started this Podcast I naturally named it #BIZ with the Beard,” said Smith. “I interview CEOs, industry leaders, and influencers from all over the world who are great at what they do and share their story. It is different because we ask tough questions, have fun. It is edgy and a show I wouldn’t let my kids listen to, and it provides great content.”

With his vast business experience, Smith is well prepared to help any business owner overcome even the most unique obstacles a business owner may face. “I want people to see me and ACS as a one-stop shop for your business to succeed, and I hope to energize people to be excited about their business again,” said Smith. “I want all my clients’ dreams to come true, and I want them to know no matter where they are and how grim something appears that you can succeed in business and life.” Smith also elaborated on the fact that he does not sugar coat anything, “I am different than most consultants, I will be direct and tough so your business and can get through any rough patch it maybe experiencing.”

Being very well known for his beard, Smith even launched his own beard oil. He and Adam Hahn, owner of Honyocker Beard Company, teamed up to develop a healthy beard oil that represents Smith. “Adam and I got to talking and decided to do a collaboration where he would create a new scent line based on me and the podcast,” said Smith. “The aroma is as if you saw a businessman in a lounge or poker room in a nice suit smoking a cigar and drinking bourbon on a leather couch. That is #BIZ.”

Whether you are a new business owner looking for advice, a current business owner looking to maximize potential, or a struggling business owner looking for guidance, ACS Executives has your back. 

Give ACS Executives a look today! They can be found at http://www.acsexec.com/ and can also be followed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To listen to #BIZ with the Beard Podcast on Spotify click here.

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